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Timber Flooring in Adelaide

Timber Flooring Adelaide

The experts in timber flooring in Adelaide

Professional Floors specialises in the installation of classic timber flooring in Adelaide. We offer a range of styles to suit a variety of decors. Our two most popular timber flooring styles in Adelaide are strip flooring and parquetry.

Timber Flooring Installation Process 

Prior to installation it is important to get your home prepared for the new flooring. The first step is to ensure your home is suitable for timber flooring. Timber flooring can only be installed in a waterproof building, as water can cause damage to the flooring. If your home is not suitable then we will not be able to install the timber flooring.

When using solid timber, the next step is to acclimatise the timber to the room environment. The timber should be left to acclimatise for around two to three weeks before it is installed.

The next step is to remove all of the furnishings from the areas that the flooring is being installed in. Paintings or photographs on the walls should also be removed to ensure they are not broken during the installation process.

Lastly, you must be prepared to wait to walk on the floor. Unfortunately, the timber needs to acclimatise for a further two weeks before sanding and polishing is performed. Then you must wait for the polish to dry.

If you are building or renovating your home, sanding and coating the floor is one of the final steps. All electrical, plumbing, carpentry, glazing and carpentry work should be completed beforehand. We strive to eliminate all of the dust with dust collecting equipment, however, we cannot guarantee the environment will be completely dust free. Once the finish is applied, you must wait until the finish dries, which will depend on the type of product that was used.

Once the finish has dried and the wood has acclimatised, it is time to move the furniture back in. To minimise dents and scratches to your new timber flooring, place felt pads on the bottom of any furniture. It is important to understand that there will be variations in the flooring and not all floorboards will be exactly the same. The colour of the flooring can change over time as the floor ages. During seasons of high a low humidity, the wood can expand and contract, and cracks can appear and disappear.

Advantages of Timber Flooring 

Timber is the healthy choice when it comes to flooring. It does not trap dirt, dust and allergens like carpet, so is ideal for those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems. Timber is natural, durable and easy to clean making it the perfect flooring choice.

Timber is a natural resource that is recyclable, as well as renewable. It is an ecologically friendly flooring option, which produces 5 times less carbon emissions than ceramic tiles.

Unlike carpets and tiles that need to be replaced after a few years, timber is extremely durable. It requires little maintenance and with the right care can last you a lifetime.

With a variety of different colours and style of timber to select from, the options are endless. You can easily find a timber flooring option that will suit the interior of your home.


Timber flooring is an affordable option thanks to its durability and low maintenance. Generally a timber floor will only need recoating after about 8 years, which is far more cost effective than having to replace worn carpet.

Easy to maintain
Taking care of a timber floor is extremely simple. With new technology in stains and finishes, these days all you need to maintain a timber floor is a broom and a timber floor cleaning product.

Whether your home has a traditional or modern design, a timber floor will complement either. Timber flooring creates a flexible canvas that goes with countless designs.

If you would like to learn more about our timber flooring range in Adelaide, call our friendly team on 0413 257 631.

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