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Parquetry Flooring in Adelaide

High quality parquetry flooring in Adelaide

Parquetry is a stunning timber floor that gives character to your home. Essentially, parquetry flooring is crafted from hardwood pieces that are arranged into a geometric pattern. With a range of patterns, species, sizes and grades to choose from, we can make your floor look unique.

Just like strip flooring,  parquetry flooring is durable, hardwearing and easy to maintain. It does not carry dust so if perfect for people who suffer from asthma or respiratory problems. The benefit of parquetry flooring over strip flooring is that it can be laid over concrete or any other flat and dry surface. You can also create a decorative finish and choose any pattern you like.

Parquetry flooring selection is ideal for high traffic areas like steps, halls, entrances, passages and even dance studios. It is a floor that will last a lifetime and will never go out of fashion. If you want to make a true statement in style, call us today for an in home quotation to discuss your parquetry floor.

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