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Bamboo Flooring in Adelaide

Bamboo Flooring Adelaide

Striking and sustainable bamboo flooring in Adelaide

At Professional Floors we are excited about our bamboo flooring offerings in Adelaide. With bamboo being one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable flooring options on the market, we think it is an amazing flooring solution.

Keep reading to find out more benefits of this incredible flooring.


Did you know that strand woven bamboo flooring has double the strength of domestic oak? What provides the extra strength is the flooring incorporates parts of the bamboo stalk that were not conventionally used. How the process works is the bamboo strands are shaped into blocks using high-pressure methods that crush the strands together. From these blocks, planks of flooring are sawn off. This method ensures the bamboo flooring delivers superior durability and is ideal for high-traffic areas.


Bamboo flooring produces an exotic beauty that is difficult to surpass. With a variety of gorgeous tones like chestnut, warm chocolate and cherry you will have trouble picking the colour you like best. Each bamboo floor features unique character that will enhance the visual appeal of any room.

Eco Friendly

Bamboo is an eco friendly flooring option as it is fast growing and highly renewable. As bamboo is a grass, it grows much quicker than wood and matures a lot faster. Most species of bamboo reaches maturity within about 3 to 5 years, while traditional hard woods can take anywhere between 20 to 120 years to mature.


What makes bamboo so remarkable is it is a completely renewable resource. Bamboo regenerates itself naturally and does it in a fast manner. Within 3 to 5 years bamboo can be harvested. Plus, there’s no need to replant bamboo, as the root system stays intact once it has been harvested.

Simple to install

Bamboo flooring is easy and effortless to install. The process is pain free as they bamboo locks together without glue.

Care and Maintenance

  • Before placing furniture on your bamboo flooring, apply felt pads to the bottom to prevent scratching.
  • Grit and dust can act like sand paper when left on your bamboo flooring, so it’s important to ensure you regularly sweep or vacuum it.
  • At all of the entrances of your home, place interior and exterior doormats. This will stop dirt and moisture being brought inside and treaded into your bamboo flooring.
  • Prevent scratches and dents to your bamboo flooring by taking off any high heeled or spiked heels before you enter the home.
  • Make sure your pets have clean paws and trimmed claws when they walk on your bamboo flooring.
  • When you need to move large appliances off heavy furniture ensure you protect your floor with a cover.
  • In high traffic areas of the home or places like the kitchen, place non-slip rugs. Select a rug crafted with breathable material to avoid moisture entrapment.
  • Clean up spills immediately with a microfiber cloth or an all purpose cleaner.
  • Direct sunlight can cause your bamboo floor to suffer from shade variations. To avoid a change in colour, protect your floor from direct sunlight with help from curtains and UV resistant film on glass doors and windows.
  • Do not use a steam mop on a bamboo floor. Instead try cleaning with a swivel-head mop with a microfiber pad.
  • Avoid using wax-based products, acrylic finishes, ammonia-based cleaners, abrasive cleaning soaps, oil soap, bleach, polishes or acidic materials.
  • Monitor your humidity levels in your home and keep them between 35-55%.


If you would like to find out about our bamboo flooring options in Adelaide, call Professional Flooring on (08) 8351 1318 / 0430 299 377.

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