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Marquisite, Salisbury East

We visited several floating floor retailers in Northern Adelaide on the hunt for ‘the perfect floor’. We found AAA Professional Floors to offer great service without trying to hard sell us on a specific product. Instead they presented us with the facts and differences between the various options, while letting us make up our own mind with regards to a flooring choice – something you don’t see often in larger retail where the income is based on sales commissions.

We have not yet placed a large order for a floating floor, as yet but have bought a sample pack after loaning several single samples. This point alone is a welcomed difference to many other competing floating floor businesses around the area.

The showroom in Gilles Plains is smaller than average but the demo floors are laid in such a way to make the best use of space. You’ll hear none of, “I’ll have to ask the manager” here, because you’ll be speaking with the owner/manager, whether that is on the phone, by email or in the showroom.

AAA Professional Floors lives up to the AAA standard.

Marquisite, Salisbury East
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